Delaware Lawsuit Drop

Savage Election Fraud Lawsuit Filed Against Delaware County, PA and Former SOS Kathy Boockvar Yesterday, 7th Circuit law clerk Professor Margot Cleveland shared several shocking videos documenting premeditated, felony election evidence destruction in Delaware County, PA. Last night a lawsuit was filed against county election officials and former Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar. The suitContinue reading “Delaware Lawsuit Drop”

Report of Arizona Fraud

The way I see it, the next six months will determine how successful the initial stages of the roll-out of this new totalitarianism will be. By April of 2022, either we’ll all be showing our “papers” to the New Normal Gestapo to be able to earn a living, attend a school, dine at a restaurant, travel, and otherwise live our lives, or we will have thrown a monkey wrench into the machinery. I do not expect GloboCap to abandon the roll-out of the New Normal over the longer term — they are clearly committed to implementing it — but we have the power to ruin their opening act