For me generally but you are welcome to come along.

Back before the lockdowns I was quite happy watching my favorite TV shows and mucking around on facebook. I liked the internet and was hoping to do something on there like start a small business or two. I have a few health issues and relied on support groups around the world on facebook and this was my main way to communicate with MY world, because friends and family are not in a close by location, they are worldwide. I had noticed a few disturbing trends with a #cancelculture which was generally irritating to me. It seemed to me that people were easily enraged and the social media environment sent this ‘viral’ pretty quick. During the lockdown I was getting frustrated by the mainstream news and how they were ‘slanting’ reporting and headlines. i just wanted facts so I could make up my own mind. Donald Trump seemed to cop a lot of derisive reporting so I decided to try and see If I could find sources to watch THE ENTIRITY of what he was saying in press conferences regarding COVID-19. The more I watched, the more confused I became about how MSM (Mainstream Media) was reporting a complete hyped up and mocking spin to what the man had said. It was in fact often a complete LIE. So I kept watching Trump, in his entirety.

I found some leads of other interesting topics which I looked into but I generally thought TRUMP to be quite acceptable, even likeable. I was warned by a friend that others may not agree if I said this out loud and it became very obvious soon that I was going to get a reaction if I said I liked him. So I bought a trump 2020 hat and wore it as the election got closer and started watching all the rallies. I watched documentaries and researched all the bad press about him. I saw him make a few gaffaws but have seen more from his opponent BIDEN.

Then this laptop came out. Hunter Bidens Laptop. Cool another entertaining story to pass the time. But then a Newspaper article about the story was BANNED from twitter.?

This was no good! I thought, you can’t just censor established newspapers!, can you?

I have had a fairly robust history of participating in and studying protest movements and free speech is a cornerstone. Growing up as a kiwi kid in New Zealand have vivid memories of the Springbok Tour and Anti Aparthaid movements, volunteered with Peace Movement Aotearoa and worked for several years in the Greenpeace Organisation. I have canvassed for support, educated on environmental issues, participated in direct actions and protests.

What is going on in USA is very disturbing. I share on here links and information that I have gathered and come across. This helps me organise and process information. I used to do that on facebook, but they, along with twitter, google, apple, & shopify are censoring free speech right now and if they think they have the power to choose what i want to think and share, what you think and share might be next on the list.

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